Burch & Cracchiolo encourages all who are qualified to apply for positions at the Firm.  All applicants are given equal weight when being considered for employment.  Burch & Cracchiolo is diverse in a myriad of ways and accepting of all people, irrespective of gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or political persuasions.  We are proud of our spirit and policies of inclusiveness and empowerment of all persons in the B&C community and the community-at-large.  We encourage a diversity of thought, consider social impact in our ethnic and cultural mix, and apply these values in our strategic initiatives now and in planning for the future. The individual employee is respected and heard at Burch & Cracchiolo.

Of our 41 attorneys, 11 are women: 5 partners, 2 Of Counsel and 4 associates. Our women attorneys serve in positions of high leadership and on steering committees including Executive Committee, Marketing Committee, Succession Planning Committee, Community Outreach Committee, and Technology Committee.

B&C has an extremely generous parental leave policy focusing on the new parent’s return to work based on individual circumstances for their family not on a calendar timetable.  Women attorneys who are on the partner track are in no way penalized for taking time off to have and raise a family, often working primarily from home.

We have a partner of East Indian origin, one of Filipino descent, one who was born in Wales and one associate of Native American/Korean origin.  One senior partner is a member of the LBGTQ community. Our staff consists of people of Hispanic, African American, Spanish American, and Caucasian roots. We have both attorneys and staff of various religious communities including Jewish, Catholic, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Episcopalian, Methodist and Presbyterian faiths (and others), as well as those who do not practice a particular faith.  We are a mix of Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and those who are apolitical, all of whom co-exist and work together beautifully respecting each other’s views and perspectives.