Burch & Cracchiolo attorneys serve on a number of panels for leading insurance companies and self-insured entities, handling claims of all types. Our attorneys have successfully resolved cases involving bodily injury and property damage claims, including, but not limited to automobile, trucking and motor carrier liability, and commercial vehicles; premises liability; professional liability, including legal, accounting and agent/broker malpractice; dram shop/liquor liability; property damage, including construction defect, fire and casualty losses; construction site injuries; product liability; general liability, aviation accidents and environmental torts. We also provide coverage analysis, including reservation of rights correspondence, opinions, and defending bad faith and coverage litigation matters.

In addition to representing insureds through insurance companies, Burch & Cracchiolo attorneys represent government and public entities, self-insured companies and Native American tribal governments and enterprises. We represent defendants in insurance coverage disputes and bad-faith claims, defending all types of litigation involving insurance-related issues, including first and third party bad-faith suits, brokerage disputes, surplus lines insurance and declaratory judgment actions.

Insurance Defense Attorneys

We make every effort to minimize the expense of litigation for our clients through alternative dispute resolution strategies, including mediation, arbitration and mini trials when appropriate to achieve client goals. Of course, our ultimate motivation is to achieve the best outcome for our client by providing outstanding representation from the outset through successful resolution.

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Environmental/Toxic Tort Litigation

Burch & Cracchiolo lawyers represent clients in complex toxic tort and environmental litigation practice, primarily in defending clients for commercial and cost recovery, toxic torts and land use litigation and related insurance coverage and bad faith litigation.

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Insurance Bad Faith and Coverage Litigation

Our insurance coverage practice encompasses first-party and third-party insurance coverage and bad faith claims. Burch & Cracchiolo attorneys typically represent insurance companies in these cases, but the firm has represented insureds in selected cases.

We represent insurance companies in coverage and bad faith litigation involving a wide variety of matters arising under numerous types of policies, including commercial general liability policies, directors and officers liability policies, policies, WRAP/OCIP/CCIP policies, property and casualty policies, professional errors and omissions policies and life and disability insurance policies.

Automobile Liability

At Burch & Cracchiolo, our attorneys have experience in representing clients in automobile liability cases within the practice area of insurance defense. We work closely with insurance carriers to evaluate the coverage available under the policy and advise clients on the best course of action. We also work with experts to investigate and evaluate the damages caused by the incident, and in representing clients in court or in arbitration proceedings. Our goal is to provide aggressive and effective representation to help our clients defend themselves against claims and to minimize the potential financial impact of an automobile incident.

Fire Insurance Subrogation

Fire insurance subrogation refers to the legal process by which an insurance company seeks to recover damages they have paid out to their policyholder from a third party who may be responsible for the loss. This is typically done when the cause of the fire is determined to be the result of the negligence or wrongful actions of another party. Subrogation allows the insurance company to step into the shoes of the policyholder and pursue a legal claim against the responsible party to recover the damages paid out under the policy.

Our attorneys have experience in handling fire insurance subrogation cases on behalf of insurance companies. We understand the complex legal and factual issues that can arise in these cases and are equipped to investigate the cause of the fire, identify the responsible parties, and pursue a legal claim to recover the damages paid out under the policy.

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General Liability Defense

General liability defense is the practice of representing individuals and entities facing claims or lawsuits for damages or injuries resulting from alleged negligence or wrongful actions. At Burch & Cracchiolo, our attorneys have experience in handling general liability defense cases, and are skilled in investigating incidents, identifying responsible parties and developing a defense strategy to minimize legal and financial consequences. We work closely with clients, insurance carriers and experts to investigate, evaluate and defend the case in court or arbitration proceedings, providing aggressive and effective representation.

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Property Subrogation

When a loss occurs to a property that is covered under an insurance policy, our attorneys work closely with the insurance company to investigate the cause of the loss and determine if a third party may be responsible for the damages. If it is determined that a third party is responsible, our attorneys can step in and pursue a legal claim against that party through the process of subrogation, allowing the insurance company to recoup the damages they have paid out to the policyholder.

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