Creditors’ and Debtors’ Rights

We have extensive experience representing commercial creditors, debtors, debtors-in-possession, trustees, committees and third parties in all aspects of debt collection, credit relief, debtor-creditor litigation and asset transfers. Burch & Cracchiolo has successfully confirmed plans of reorganization, both in cases where the firm was representing the debtor-in-possession and also in cases where it was representing creditors who were the plan proponents.

The firm provides a full range of services in connection with motions to lift stay, motions to compel debtors-in-possession to accept or reject executory contracts and similar procedures for secured lenders, equipment lessors and real property lessors.

At the law firm of Burch & Cracchiolo, our attorneys have extensive experience in this area and are dedicated to helping our clients achieve the best possible outcome in their creditors' and debtors' rights matters. Whether you are a creditor or debtor, we are here to help protect your rights and interests.

Practicing Creditors’ and Debtors’ Rights in Phoenix, Arizona

Debtors’ and Creditors’ Rights

Debtors' and Creditors' Rights is a practice area that involves representing clients who either owe money (debtors) or are owed money (creditors) in legal matters. This can include everything from negotiations to resolve debt issues to litigation in court.

For debtors, this may involve defending against creditor lawsuits or negotiating with creditors to resolve debts. This can include negotiating lower repayment amounts or seeking relief through bankruptcy proceedings.

For creditors, this may involve pursuing legal action to recover outstanding debts or representing them in bankruptcy proceedings. This can include working with debtors to create repayment plans or negotiating settlements.

Creditors’ and Debtors’ Rights Litigation

Creditors' and Debtors' Lights Litigation involves legal disputes between parties over money owed. When a debtor owes a creditor money and fails to repay the debt, the creditor may file a lawsuit to recover the funds owed. Alternatively, if a debtor believes they are being unfairly pursued for a debt they do not owe, they may seek legal representation to defend themselves in court. In either case, experienced attorneys can help navigate the complex legal process and work towards a favorable outcome for their clients. At Burch & Cracchiolo, we have extensive experience representing both creditors and debtors in litigation related to debts, bankruptcy, and other financial matters.

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