B&C Employee Testimonial – Aaron Duell

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I've been working at Burch & Cracchiolo since 2019 and my experience here has been overwhelmingly positive. Unlike at some firms where associate attorneys work behind the scenes, at Burch & Cracchiolo you have the opportunity to grow as an attorney because you get a lot of hands-on experience.

Another positive about working at Burch & Cracchiolo is that your job won't consume your life. Attorneys at this firm have hobbies outside of work, they're active members of their community, and most importantly they're good friends and family members. That's made possible because there's balance here.

The most telling fact about Burch & Cracchiolo, and the reason that I decided to work here, is that when attorneys start here they typically finish their careers here. That's a testament to the amazing work environment! I love the culture here at Burch & Cracchiolo—we do several social events throughout the year, for example we participate in a charity softball tournament, pickleball tournaments, and the occasional happy hour.

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