B&C Again Named to AZ Big Media “100 Best Places to Live and Work”

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Originally published on AZ Big Media

The 100 Best Places to Live and Work in Arizona for 2023 earned the most support in voting for the 2023 edition of Ranking Arizona, the state’s biggest business opinion poll. The list includes Burch & Cracchiolo, one of the Southwest's premier law firms. 

Burch & Cracchiolo

Founders Frank Haze Burch and Dan Cracchiolo were known for being hometown heroes for business law in Phoenix when they joined forces to open Burch & Cracchiolo 52 years ago. Since then, the firm has grown into a team of more than 50 esteemed law professionals, who all carry on the traditional values upon which the firm was founded, while embracing innovation and looking forward to the future.

Why is Burch & Cracchiolo a great place to work? 

“We actually ask all employees what they think about things the firm is thinking about doing,” says firm President Andy Abraham. “We get their input ahead of time and then we get their feedback after we’ve made a decision. We let them participate in making decisions and we share results of decisions. All 90 employees have the opportunity to feel invested in what we’re doing. And I think that makes a big difference and it also creates buy-in.”

What makes your workplace culture special? 

“It’s family friendly and a thoughtful environment,” Abraham says. “Everybody knows they’re all professionals, whether they’re sitting at the front desk or they’ve been a lawyer at the firm for 50 years. We let people do their jobs, stay out of their way. We tell that to people during interviews right up front that we will provide all the mentoring and support that you might need, but we let you do your job. And I think that also creates the great results that we see.”

What mascot best represents your firm? 

“The bear,” Abraham says. “It’s representative. We’re solid. We plod a little bit, one step at a time. We’ve been in the Valley for 55 years, so we’re consistent. The image of the bear  captures the character of the firm.”

Information: bcattorneys.com

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