B&C Successfully Defends “David” against “Goliath” in Arbitration

Published on in Firm Highlights

Ralph D. HarrisIn July 2011, Burch & Cracchiolo attorney, Ralph D. Harris, successfully arbitrated a real-life example of David vs. Goliath. Representing the franchisee of a hotel chain, Ralph took on one of the world's largest media companies with more than $2 billion in revenues worldwide.

The case involved a contract for advertising on an outdoor board, including creative and production costs for materials. According to the media company, the board was produced and installed; however, before the client even saw the finished product, it was destroyed by vandals. In a poor public relations move, the media company sued to recover production costs for the sign. Not only was Ralph successful in defeating the media company's claims, he was also able to recover all legal fees for his client.

Congratulations to Ralph!

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