Directed verdict garnered by B&C’s Ian Neale in Quik Trip Corporation premises liability case

Published on in Firm Highlights

Debra Wedlake
Ian Neale

B&C attorney, Ian Neale, was successful in obtaining a directed verdict in favor of his client, QuikTrip Corporation, regarding a suit brought against them by a customer claiming that one of their gas pump nozzles was defective. 

The “customer” asked another customer to pay for some gasoline for him and after she pumped the gasoline, she failed to release the lever and spilled a large amount of gasoline onto the ground.  The plaintiff then slipped in the spilled gasoline and sustained injuries.  Plaintiff was unable to prove any negligence on the part of QT, therefore, the Judge granted their motion for directed verdict for lack of evidence. This trial was conducted as a result of plaintiff’s appeal of a prior arbitration award in favor of QuikTrip.

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