Jennifer Delgado interview on ACLU board appointment for “The Greater Good”

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Jennifer DelgadoWe sat down with Jennifer Delgado to discuss her new role on the board of directors for the ACLU of Arizona. Delgado is a real estate attorney with Burch & Cracchiolo in Phoenix.

AALM: What drew you to work with the ACLU of Arizona?

JD: I have always been a big fan of the work that the ACLU has done to protect individual rights, but when Justice Ginsburg passed away last year, I felt compelled to get more involved in the cause, to help carry on her torch, so to speak.

AALM: What do you hope to accomplish in your leadership position with the ACLU of Arizona?

JD: I hope to add my skills and perspective as a business and real estate attorney to help the organization continue to operate using best practices, and to use my voice as a supporter of the ACLU’s work to further its mission and purpose. I am particularly interested in voting rights, and I foresee that being an issue of greater importance over the next several years.

AALM: What other legal priorities are the organization focused on in the coming year?

JD: ACLU of Arizona promotes and defends many personal liberty issues, including free speech, education equity, immigrants’ rights, disability rights and LGBTQ rights.

AALM: How can other lawyers become involved in the ACLU of Arizona?

JD: The best way to support the ACLU of Arizona first and foremost is to donate money to the organization, so that its staff attorneys can continue their important work. Other ways to get involved are included on the organization’s website at

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