Two Week Jury Trial Ends in Victory for Employer

Published on in Firm Highlights

B&C attorney, Brian Kaven, along with paralegal, Paula Chapman, successfully defended an employer against claims by an employee of management retaliation under Title VII. The two week jury trial was in federal court in Phoenix. Plaintiff first claimed preferential treatment and gender discrimination by the employer. Subsequent to filing a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC"), she was terminated. She claimed the termination was in retaliation for going to the EEOC, and therefore in violation of Title VII. In her suit plaintiff also asserted four other employment related claims, and each was resolved in favor of the employer by summary judgment in advance of trial.

Brian argued plaintiff was terminated because of insubordination. Brian's motion in limine resulted in the jury not knowing the EEOC had found in plaintiff's favor on the preferential treatment and discrimination charge.

Congratulations, Brian and Paula!

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