Construction Law – Mike Dulberg

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I'm a partner at Burch & Cracchiolo, and I practice construction law. That means my practice focuses on construction-related transactional work and the typical disputes that may arise during the course of a construction project. Those disputes may involve payment issues, mechanics liens, workmanship problems, delay claims, and register of contractor complaints. I represent both businesses and individuals that really reflect the entire gamut of the construction industry.

So, I may represent an owner of commercial or residential property, a general contractor, subcontractor, material supplier, or design professionals. I try to work with my clients to navigate around the disputes that typically come up during the course of a project. And I encourage anyone contemplating a construction project to engage a construction lawyer rather than a business lawyer or a real estate lawyer to actually prepare the construction contract. Although there's no such thing as a perfect contract, a fair contract may significantly reduce your risk of litigation.

So, if you have a problem with any of your construction projects or you have any questions dealing with construction-related issues, please give me a call, and I'd be happy to help.

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