Criminal Defense Law – Clark L. Derrick

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I'm a criminal law practitioner here at Burch and Cracchiolo. I do both white-collar work and non-white-collar work. I've been practicing in both areas since 1972 and for the bulk of those years at a pretty high level.

In the area of non-white collar of work, I'm capable of handling pretty much anything. It runs the gamut from the most serious cases involving say homicides, all the way down to lesser offenses that are a more garden variety, say domestic violence cases, things of that nature. But pretty much anything in between as well.

White collar area generally involves practicing at the federal court level. This is a pretty high level of practice because it's generally more complex. You have a different set of rules and guidelines and protocol in federal court that are frankly at a little bit more of a higher level than they are in the State court system.

Areas that are handled in the federal courts have to do with things that are prioritized by the Justice Department. Those involve national security, financial crimes, things such as bankruptcy fraud, ponzi schemes, which are generally referred to as complex embezzlement cases basically, and investor fraud.

Problems that arise in the criminal justice area and in the criminal justice system are serious problems and require serious attention and a lot of hard work. And if you have areas that require attention that involve exposure to the criminal justice system, I'm the one that you ought to come see.

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