Zoning & Land Use – Andrew Miller

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I started at Burch & Cracchiolo in March of 2021, after 30 years in the public sector. Eight years as the Deputy City Attorney in Peoria and 22 years as the Town Attorney in Paradise Valley. During those three decades, I've gained valuable experience working with all levels of government, from mayors and councils, planning commissions, boards of adjustment, the Arizona Legislature, and the Corporation Commission, down to specialty boards such as hillside approvals and land preserved trusts.

One of the things that I've always prided myself on is being able to be accessible and open to everybody who wants to meet. And there are many other areas of law that I also have experience with, including utility and license agreements, franchise agreements, agreements with major league baseball spring training teams, and even moderating hearings at the Arizona Corporation Commission.

In the Phoenix metro today we see the need for attorneys who can navigate the many complexities of multiple levels of government. From master plan communities and development agreements for large development areas, down to rezonings for apartment complexes and multi-family developments. We see clients who need general plan amendments and rezonings, as well as the review of complex documents such as CC&Rs and restrictive covenants. All these things need to come together to avoid road bumps that can stall development.

We also have clients that need work in doing purchase agreements, lease agreements, and license agreements to aid in the development of their projects. I've got decades of experience in all of these areas. I particularly like taking the most difficult problems and finding workable solutions.

One of the areas that we often see a need is meeting with neighborhood associations, neighbors who oppose a development project, and finding a way that it can work for both the government, the client, and the neighbors, with a win-win situation for all. In these situations, I've found that I've thrived and been able to do my best work because I like seeing people who can be satisfied with government and with the work we do.

I hope that I can be working with you to satisfy you as well.

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