Employment Law & Litigation – Susie Ingold

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I specialize in employment law—labor and employment law—representing employers. I know that navigating complex legal issues involving employees in the workplace can be challenging and demanding. They can arise every day or when you least expect it, and that's when I can offer the most help to my clients by providing them with immediate answers, immediate guidance, and advice on what steps to take next and what steps not to take.

I work directly with my clients and their human resources professionals and management to help them handle employment issues in a legal context with confidence. And if or when these issues elevate to a claim or a lawsuit, whether it involves discrimination or a wage claim, or it even arises out of federally or state-mandated leave policies, me and my team have the depth and the experience to litigate and defend our clients up to and through trial. That's the expertise and the professional service that I provide to my clients.

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