Commercial Litigation – Bryan Murphy

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Bryan Murphy describes being trained by Dan Cracchiolo, the last great generalist.


Because I was trained by Dan, who is one of the last great generalists, I've had a slice of that, and not nearly so varied as Dan. Dan does domestic relations, he does criminal, he does civil, but all of mine's been a civil litigation practice. But I have done personal injury work and wrongful death. I've done commercial litigation of every hue. I do legal malpractice, medical malpractice. In recent years, my practice has started to focus more and more on commercial litigation, partnership disputes, contract disputes, things of that character. I'll still look at a good personal injury case, but they seem to me to be fewer and fewer, you know, good cases, that is, are fewer and fewer, nowadays. But I still enjoy a varied practice and find that keeps me fresh.

I enjoy the process. I like trying cases. I like standing in front of the jury, and I think that's a special privilege of my license. But I appreciate that that should only happen when every other option has been exhausted.

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