Liquor Licensing & Compliance – Jake Curtis

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I've had the privilege of learning a variety of areas of law in my 20 years at Burch & Cracchiolo. When I first started, I started doing zoning work and personal injury law. Then I shifted into a number of years of commercial litigation, and over the last five years or so, I've been focusing on liquor licensing and compliance.

As part of my liquor licensing practice, I can advise you on whether a particular area is a good place to have a liquor license, your likelihood of getting a liquor license, and I can then walk you through the process of applying for and getting a liquor license. I can also provide you with audits and information about your operations in order to determine if you're in compliance with the Department of Liquor Regulations and laws.

If you happen to get yourself in trouble, I can help you through the investigation and potential violation process. I also handle transactions involving the purchase or sales of liquor licenses, any issues having to do with dram shop liability, and if there's any over service, I can be your advocate and problem solver in any matters involving liquor licensing, especially in this time that's more confusing than ever.

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