Employment Law – David Villadolid

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I'm an employment lawyer at Burch & Cracchiolo. I represent owners, and my main focus is to try to help them resolve their employment issues. I deal with termination, discipline of employees, and the best way to do that is by being prepared. I like to go to the job site, I like to learn about the business. Preparing documents, policies, agreements is always key. The goal is always to resolve an employment issue as quickly as possible so everyone can get back to work.

Employment issues, no matter what they are, always drain the energy out of a business, and it's important to move past that so everyone can be productive. I also deal with employment issues relating to the ownership of a business. I represent owners, and a lot of times there are disputes between two owners who sometimes own 50% of the business. When that happens, decisions are locked up and nothing can be done. I work with the owners to try to resolve the matter or buy out the other partner. If that's impossible, then we proceed to litigation, but the goal here is always not to kill the golden goose. The goal is always to make sure that the company itself continues to exist because that's going to pay whatever resolution there is.

My job is to help owners deal with all the problems related to their business, and I'm happy to help you when I can.

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