Charity Board Service: Doing What’s Right and Lawful

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Serving on a nonprofit board comes with important responsibilities and fiduciary duties. B&C is a founding member of Charity Board Advisors, formed by a group of professionals devoted to serving the nonprofit boards and provide resources to ensure that board members can serve nonprofits with knowledge and insight.

On May 24, Charity Board Advisors presented its first event at the Ritz Carlton for nonprofit board members and CEOs, "Charity Board Service: Doing What's Right and Lawful." The program, which was developed in part because of troubles for the Valley's beloved charity institution, The Fiesta Bowl, included speakers, Attorney General Tom Horne, Maricopa County College Chancellor Rufus Glasper and Go Daddy General Counsel Christine Jones. A panel of community leaders interacted on key issues. The program received stellar reviews from the invitees, involved community leaders from a wide range of companies and nonprofits. Charity Board Advisors is planning its next event for September. For more information, contact Cheryl Walsh at 602-234-8793 or

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